With the wide variety of vaporizers available online, it is a daunting task to choose what would suit your needs at home or on the move. When it comes to vaping accessories the variety is even bigger. But vaping accessories make your experience that much more enjoyable.

 Below are just a couple of the accessories we offer through our online shop, shipping the finest quality vaping products and accessories discreetly to your door.

 Grinders are an essential part to any vaping enthusiasts’ arsenal. The reason for this is flowers or dry herb are usually packed tightly and even the best convection ovens will battle to heat up all the bud evenly. A grinder is initially used to grind your herb into smaller bits thus allowing a larger surface area for the vaporizers oven to distribute the heat. This in turn allows a more efficient and clean vape session. One of our suppliers, Herbivore, offers multiple selections of grinders in our shop. The added bonus of these grinders is they offer multiple chambers. The bottom chamber catches most of the trichomes that would usually be lost if you use scissors or your hands to break open your herb. This resin captured can be used when you are low on the herb or used to enhance the potency of your herb. 

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 Batteries are essentially the part of a vaporizer that can potentially let you down when you need it most. Although many of our products come with state of the art lithium batters with long standby and utilization lives. It is often a good idea to purchase a second backup battery that you can use when in need or out of a power supply. We have a wide range of additional batteries you can buy for your portable vaporizers.

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 We offer a wide variety of vaporizer oils through our online shop. One of our product ranges is manufactured by Aura Cacia and the list of essential oils from lime through to myrrh and more can enhance your waxes, flowers or herbs and additional compounds can be enjoyed through adding of these essential oils.

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  From desktop vaporizers through to portable vaporizers, glass pipes to grinders we offer a full range of essential quality products through our shop online. Quick and discreet shipping within USA. You are able to buy some of the top vaping brands offered today through our shop.